Donald Trump as Seen Through Chinese Eyes

We are re-releasing the early episodes of the Wǒ Men podcast on iTunes. This was our second podcast (and we were still trying to figure out the technical aspects) with Kiki Zhao, formerly of the New York Times Beijing Bureau. This episode was originally released on Radii China on July 28, 2017.

For China, Donald Trump is one of the most dramatic and unusual US presidents in recent memory. His bold statements — sorry, Twitter posts — and capacity for courting controversy have made him popular fodder for the Chinese media. What do people in China think as they watch this American political tragicomedy unfold across the Pacific?

On our podcast today, we have invited Kiki Zhao, a former researcher for the Financial Times and New York Times Beijing bureaus. Zhao has reported on a variety of topics in China, including politics, business, foreign policy, social issues, and many others. She recently moved on from her journalism career and is headed to New Haven in August to pursue a Master’s at Yale University’s East Asian Studies.

This episode was recorded a few months ago when Kiki was still working for the New York Times. She explained to us the thinking behind her organization’s so-called “failing” coverage of Trump and shared her personal observations on what her Chinese friends, including friends from the Chinese Christian community, thinks about the Trump phenomenon.