The Changing Landscape of Chinese Media

Our new episode features an editor of international news at a major Chinese news portal, who gives us a rare peek inside a Chinese media organization and see their daily operations, story angles, and how they deal with censorship.

Thanks to technology, the format of media keeps evolving from print, to online, to mobile.  At the same time, the media landscape keeps changing as well, from State media to commercialized media, and now to the rise of “self-media” and KOLs.

People now have so many ways to access information and interact with the information they consume. So how does media adapt to these new way of consuming news, and more importantly, how do media outlets keep the reader on their platforms?

How does Chinese media work and how does it compare to the Western media in dealing with new challenges?

For the latest pod, we sat down with Ivy Yu, a senior editor at a major Chinese media portal, to discuss the changing media landscape, the role of the media, and her life as a news editor in China.