Introducing our new co-host Karoline Kan

After nearly two years producing the Wo Men Podcast, Yajun and Jingjing are excited to announce that author and former New York Times researcher and writer Karoline Kan has joined the Wo Men podcast team.

Karoline was the guest on our previous episode discussing her debut work of non-fiction, Under Red Skies: Three Generations of Life, Loss and Hope in China.

Karoline was born in Tianjin in 1989 and studied at Beijing International Studies University. After graduating she worked for three years at That’s Beijing, writing long-form features in English about Chinese people’s lives in a society shaped by a changing culture, economy and politics. She then worked at Radio France International, focusing more on hard news, which helped her develop a better understanding of China from different angles. From summer 2016 to the end of 2018, she worked for The New York Times in Beijing and is now an editor at China Dialogue.

Karoline has also contributed to various other publications including Foreign Policy, Roads and Kingdoms, The World Policy and The Anthill, writing from her perspective about Chinese politics, history, ethnic policies and other social issues.

With Karoline, we are expanding our coverage and our ability to present a China to the world from the perspective of Chinese women. Each of us was born and grew up in China, but we all bring our own perspectives and ideas. Karoline is one of the very few Chinese millennial women writing in the English language and she’s looking forward to sharing stories of China’s younger generation. 

The Wo Men podcast is looking forward to bringing more new stories from a changing China to you. If you enjoy what you here, join the conversation! Send us your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas to us via twitter @women_podcast or by email at